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Physical Therapy in Melbourne, FL
Our Clients

Our goal is to bring elite athlete physical therapy, sports physical therapy and performance training to the masses.

We pride ourselves on being the official Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy for various teams and professional athletes and have learned the most effective ways to rehabilitate, educate and motivate our clients through our proven techniques.

Top Tier Sports Medicine can also help you with post-surgery physical therapy. Our goal is always to help you get back to your pre-injury activities and we are here to help you right after your procedure or when your existing physical therapy appointments are no longer available.

We routinely help athletes and non-athletes of all ages and abilities with their rehabilitation.
We are also happy to work with your team.

Please call us today to set up a consultation appointment.

Client Testimonials

"I came to Top Tier Sports Medicine in December 2016 after hearing positive things about Jeremy Stewart's success with helping runner's overcome injuries and issues. I had been dealing with lower back pain for over a year and was at my wit's end in finding a solution that would alleviate the constant hurting and stiffness.

In the month and half that Jeremy worked with me, I watched him treat other runners like myself but I also saw that he's excellent in rehabilitating people and athletes from all different sports, like golf, basketball, soccer and baseball.

That's one of the things that's so remarkable about Jeremy. He has the ability to zone right in on your issues and formulate a plan that works for you. My back pain was not lifted immediately. In fact, it got a little worse around Christmas. At times I wondered if I was just going through the motions and then it happened...the pain subsided and my back started to feel normal again. It wasn't stiff and I could actually sleep at night without all the aching.

Months later, I'm still reaping the benefits of Jeremy's work. I diligently do the exercises he put together for me. Although I miss going in for treatments at Top Tier with it's a fun, easy-going atmosphere and wonderful staff, I am so happy to be back to having a healthy back."
- Brittany Streufert, physical therapy patient

“My rotator cuff surgery was eight weeks ago and my post-surgery physical therapy had already been prearranged with the surgeon. After seven weeks, my PT sessions came to an end and I found that I still needed additional therapy. I consulted with Jeremy Stewart at TTSM and have been able to extend my physical therapy sessions. I’ve seen more recovery in one week than I thought was possible. I’m very happy to have found TTSM.”
- George Ricardo, post-operative physical therapy patient